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Walled Up Places

They walled up  spaces we began to find in Ancoats were places of the ordinary everyday activities of a working industrial city and suburb; places to eat, move, pee, produce, and they were unexpectedly highly charged and somehow extraordinary by consequence of what had become of them. As people in the area began to hear about these found spaces, their arrival in people’s consciousness seemed to add a new layer to Ancoats. Knowlege of these spaces changed immediately people’s sense of what the area had been and what it could become. Their impact on the psyche of Ancoats owed as much to the stories and myths that began unfolding around each find, as did the experience of witnessing the spaces personally. Additionally we began to recognise that these places seemed connected to one another somehow, they were a series, a set. Each was a discrete site with its own character and story, but collectively they created a network of connections to one another and became more than the sum of their parts. So we agreed on a simple plan, and the Peeps project was born. If these walled up spaces could be experienced from the public realm, ie as you walk through the streets, then we should work together to make something of them.

Artist’s Tale

The Hair on the Back of Your Neck

Some of the walled up sites
found in Ancoats hold a quite
unfathomable atmosphere. Later
we came to understand that
some of the sites were more
interesting and more significant
than others. What distinguished
particular sites above the others
was that something made the
hair on the back of your neck
stand on end, and didn’t fizzle
away either when they were
opened or when they were
sealed up. These particular sites
were more akin to a source than
a container. It is from these sites
that the Peeps emerged.

Artist’s Tale